SONFIN is an independent company that specialises in structuring green power solutions on behalf of its customers. When given the opportunity, SONFIN streamlines the sourcing of green power by providing an efficient, effective, and unique offering to each customer based on the customer’s distinctive needs.

SONFIN was founded in 2002 by Ig du Plessis, with Chris Schutte joining in 2012. It has since grown to an independent and private company, with a comprehensive network of suppliers and financial institutions, together with specialists and professionals who support customers in acquiring innovative and integrated solutions to suit their unique business needs.

SONFIN has more than 15 years’ experience in the marketing of credit products to businesses and individuals, and more than 5 years’ experience in consultation and administration of solar PV systems.

SONFIN strives to establish transparent, long-term relationships with its clients, and therefore has an active interest in the long-term profitability and wellbeing of these organisations.

SONFIN’s employees practice absolute confidentiality, honesty, and integrity and support a value-driven orientation.

SONFIN is positioned to ensure its customers capitalise on solar energy.

Below are some of our consultants: